About me…


I was born and raised in Cartagena (Colombia), a small city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. This is the short version…..

The long one is: I met an American, Paul, 4 years ago and for some strange and magical reason, our long-distance relationship survived.
After I married and moved to New York City, I first began cooking, and I am talking about real cooking, not beating some eggs or toast bread or boiling some water for pasta. I knew very, very little about how to cook because, the truth is, that back home, my mom (and grand mom for that matter) were the ones taking care of everything and everyone, and I really mean it when I say “everything.”  So here I was, in a new country, an unknown city, a cramped kitchen and a husband full of food allergies who loves food.  Some of his severe allergies have to do with digesting refined flour, processed sugar and pork.
So, every little thing I liked to eat had to be changed, redesigned or most likely, disappear from my diet.  Some of my favorites foods from Colombia are: arepas, ajiaco, arroz guisado and hayacas.  I’m also crazy about desserts!  I started thinking and inventing different ways to cook what I love to eat so that my husband could enjoy it as well.  Spices, flavors, textures and colors became more important to me.  After a few weeks of cooking for Paul, I realized something wonderful: I was able to leave out the ingredients that make him sick without being limited at all.

  Fuerte San Fernando


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