DIY Organizer With a Shoe Box

This past weekend, while waiting for Paul to come home from work, I had a moment of inspiration.  So I decided to also include this “Do It Yourself” section in my blog, because everything, absolutely everything I do is in my cramped kitchen.  I hope you really enjoy and find interesting and usable what I post here; but most important than anything, hope you have fun!

In this case, I use it in my bathroom to organize my lotions and face soaps.  Remember that everything is inside the box is what we’re going to use, like the paper they use to wrap the shoes or the paper they put inside to keep the shape of the shoes.

shoe box

So, I use this shoe box from Naturalizer which is very cut and I love the colors.  Inside, they put a very cute wrap paper with tiny green flowers and a plain white one.  To start, wrap the box with the white paper (or any color you prefer), except for the lid.  Try to not use much tape but make sure the paper is not going to fall down.  In the inside part of the box, where we are going to put whatever we want to organize, is where we are going to tape the very pretty wrap paper, that’s the part of the box that is going to be visible.






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