Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub


Thanksgiving Day is coming in a few weeks.  Have you figured out what to get for your family yet? (In case you like/want to give them something).

This sugar scrub smells great, feels great, and is great for you!  Made with natural ingredients you’ve probably got on hand, this will whip up in about 5 minutes.

DSCF1266 DSCF1271

The base of this scrub is coconut sugar.  But it serves as more than just a lovely fragrance.  Many commercial brands of moisturizers and bath products contain petroleum-based ingredients that can suffocate the skin. In contrast, coconut sugar and natural oils, provides deep and real moisture. It helps strengthen underlying tissues and helps remove excessive dead cell on the skin’s surface that makes your skin rough and flaky in texture. It also delays wrinkles, and sagging of skin which normally become prominent with age. This blend of oils also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis,eczema and other skin infections.

Another cool thing about them is that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling at all.


:: Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup unrefined, organic, coconut sugar

1/3 cup beet sugar

1/4 cup coarse salt

Almond Oil

Chamomile Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Orange/lemon peel

Vanilla extract* (1 teaspoon)

15-20 drops of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Mix the dry ingredients and stir the oils and lemon peel. Add the vanilla extract and the essential oil. Mix well and pour into a jar with a tight lid. Tie some cute ribbon or raffia around it and viola! You’ve got a great little scrub that you should always have in your bathroom.

The reason why I don’t give measures for oils, it is because I think it’s more fun if you do it your own, depending if you like very, very moist or dry, just a little bit. (I personally like very very moist…)

Always remember that your skin should be wet before the exfoliation and you must be gentle with it. You will not need to moisturize your skin at the end of your shower, let act the emollients on your skin and enjoy the soft and pleasant aroma (as if you’ve just bake oatmeal cookies).

* Tip: Remember that the vanilla extract should contain alcohol, otherwise it will spoil faster.


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