Chocolate Chunks Granola

So, here I am, hungry, no granola in my pantry… so sad… I’m going to check what I have and… THANK GOD!… Am going to survive tonight! I’ll have breakfast for dinner.

Before I start, I’m going to set the table for breakfast at 6:48 pm, is perfect that am already wearing my pj’s and some reggaeton in the background. Good!

(The black coffee is just for the pic, I never take a huge amount like that …)


So I have oats, wheat germ, shredded coconut, sliced almond, pistachios, hazelnuts and honey. Wait, I forget something very important. Of course, chocolate chunks… Now I just need some milk ummm or maybe greek yogurt? Anyway, all ready to eat!


Don’t forget to check out my article about wheat germ, quite interesting.


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