Arepita de Dulce


I know, I know…. We are all better off baking, roasting, grilling or steaming our food instead of frying it. Frying food increases our fat and calorie intake, especially if some of you bread foods before you fry them, fry at too low of a temperature or put too much food in the pan at once.

However, there are some typical meals from the Caribbean Coast that cannot be changed or do different, without ruining the result. I am the first one to say (and is true) that I do not enjoy fried food.

But when I got home, my Mom reminded me all those things I loved so much when I lived here with her.


Want to hear something funny? When my sisters and I were growing up, my mother refused to give us any kind of fried food. Now, she says is OK to have just a little. This is ironic, contradictory, she confuses me ….

But I’m on vacation, and I want to show you our gastronomy, I will sacrifice myself a little this time (LOL!), just this once. I will make an exception.

::Arepita de Dulce::

1 cup corn meal

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 1/2 tablespoons beet sugar

1 teaspoon anise

4 tablespoons sour cream


In a big bowl, mix all the dry ingredients. Place the sugar and anise in the palm of your hands and crush it, that way you bring up all the flavor of the anise. Mix in the sour cream and add enough water, until the paste is soft to touch.

Form a ball and flatten between your hands until it has the shape of a small disk. make a small hole in the center. In a deep pan over high heat,  fry the arepitas until golden.

Serve with cheese and latte!



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