Cartagena de Indias


In early March 2014 my husband and I moved from an almost 100% Russian neighborhood to another one where Russians and Asians compete to be #1, in Brooklyn, NY. After we finally settle down (¡hate unpacking!), I did a trip to my lovely city: Cartagena, Colombia.

Please, allow me to tell you a little bit about Colombia (in case you don´t know), in a couple lines: We are in South America; we are the only country in the sub continent that have coasts in two oceans: Atlantic & Pacific; and we are well known in the world, majorly, for having the best coffee, most beautiful women & most demanded drugs. The last part is sad, but not less true…

San Pedro Claver

View of San Pedro Claver Church, Old City, Cartagena – Colombia

Cartagena is in the coast of the Caribbean Sea. I love this city. The people are so happy and welcoming. The food is rich and diverse, just like the people. It has lots of history. You can feel this city the second you step into it! You will melt instantly…literally.

I am not new to Cartagena, even could call myself an expert. As I re-explore the city and find again the things and places that I love, I’ll add recipes and thoughts here. It is my great hope that you come visit this nice city and find as much love as I always did and still do.


Arroz Guisado (Rice Stew)

Pumpkin Rice and Meat with Plantains

Arepita de Dulce


Carimañolas, Buñuelos de Arroz & Pícaros (Cassava Patties, Rice Fritters & Pícaros)

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